Posted by: coomercove | September 23, 2007

Hello world!

We are throwing our hats in the ring and starting a blog.  Hopefully, we will actually update it.

We went to Higher Ground Baptist Church this morning to see Gold City and hear Phil Hoskins preach.  We’ll head back there tonight where Gold City will have the entire service.   



  1. If your soap is as good as your suit, you will keep me coming by regularly.

    Welcome to our world.

    Paul Jackson / The Prophets

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere!!!

    I’ve added you to my RSS feeds list. Hope you have a blast blogging!

    In Him,
    Adam Edwards
    Southern Gospel Critique…

  3. Gold City. Dec. 8th. Ross N Robinson Middle School.

  4. Damon,

    Do you sing some with Kyla Rowland?

    Do you happen to have a phone # where I can get info for the Gold City concert on Dec. 8th? BSA doesn’t have a contact number.

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