Posted by: coomercove | September 24, 2007

Gold City at Higher Ground Baptist – LONG POST

 Gold City was at Higher Ground Baptist yesterday for both services.  In the AM service, they did four songs (a feature for each member) before Phil Hoskins preached on “Grace Giving.”  They closed the service with “I’m Rich” after singing “Just As I Am” as an invitational. 

The PM service was all Gold City.  They started with several medium to up tempo songs before the introductions and two songs with just the piano.  Aaron was then featured on “Teach Me Lord To Wait.”  Aaron is a great bass singer, but I just don’t think the song fits him or Gold City.  I would have rather have heard him sing “Under Control” again, his feature song from the AM service.  The next section featured Danny, who I think is one of the best vocalist in SGM today.  He did “I’m Saved, I’m Sure, I’m Ready” before giving his testimony leading into “Mercy Came Running.”  They closed the first set with their next single, “Preach The Word.” 

The second set consisted of four songs, including one of my all time favorites, “In My Robe Of White.”  Gold City does the song like it was meant to be done – FAST.  Brian Free & Assurance sing it way too slow for my liking.

While singing, Steve Ladd hit all his notes, but not as effortlessly has I’ve seen in the past.  He is still trying not to talk to let his throat heal from acid reflux, but he does whisper a lot.  Maybe too much.  I’d hate for him to do permanent damage to his throat.   He was still very friendly, although he needs to pick better sports teams to root for.  I harassed him before the singing about liking the New England Patri-Cheats.  My thinking was that since he can’t talk back, it would be a good time to bring it up.  After the singing, he told me, “Love you.  I’m sorry the Patriots are so good.”  The thought that went through my mind as he walked away was, “You’re aren’t suppossed to be talking!  Especially rubbing it in that the Patriots are so blasted good!”  Who let the Yankee in Gold City anyway?  (Just kidding… I love Steve. He was great with the Anchormen, but struggled for a while after joining GC.  Over the last 12-18 months, he’s been absolutely awesome everytime I’ve heard him.)

I won’t say that this is the best group Gold City has ever had, but the potential is there.  If they stick together & make a few more recordings like “Revival,” we’ll talk about it.  I  am one of the biggest Gold City fans ever, so I admit I am biased towards them.  Admitting that, I will agree with Phil Hoskins and say that they are the best quartet going today (Ok, he said “best male quartet,” but I am of the mindset that in southern gospel music, quartet = 4 men).  Phil didn’t call out any artists by name, but did say that he won’t have groups that act crazy (I have the actual quote, but I’d hate to get anyone mad at Phil – he’s a great man and preacher) back at Higher Ground.  Phil asked the congregation about getting together with four other local churches sometime next year and having a couple of preachers give short messages and having Gold City come back to sing.  The idea was met with great approval, including Jonathan Wilburn offering to cancel next week’s appointment and doing it next Sunday night. 

Gold City was great as always.  I’m already looking forward to next month when they’ll be at Dollywood.  If you see them in the next few weeks, I’d like to ask a favor.  Tell Danny that they need to start singing “How Deep Is The Water” again, especially when they are in Dollywood.  Thanks!

Full Concert Track List


  • When I Get Carried Away
  • Under Control
  • Ain’t That What It’s All About
  • Preach The Word
  • Just As I Am
  • I’m Rich


  • A Good Ole Gospel Song
  • After Awhile
  • Jown Saw
  • Look Who Just Checked In
  • If God Before Us
  • Introductions
  • Josh’s Testimony
  • Instrumental
  • I’m Free Again
  • Jonathan’s Testimony
  • Alone In The Garden
  • Teach Me Lord To Wait
  • I’m Saved, I’m Sure, I’m Ready
  • Daniel’s Testimony
  • Mercy Came Running
  • Preach The Word


  • In My Robe Of White
  • I Believe
  • Truth Is Marching On
  • I’m Rich


  1. Hey Brandon & Lisa!
    Welcome to the world of blogging.

    Thanks for the report on GC. We artists are not suppose to have favorites, but….I have to admit that GC is my favorite Qt at the moment. The present group that Daniel has put together is just amazing. I heard them at a church in Arkansas earlier this summer. I wish they had been allowed to take the time they were evidently granted at HGBC (of course, no one is a bigger fan of SG than Pastor Phil). That probably played into them having the freedom to take their time. Don’t misunderstand now, they were powerful and effective as ever at the AR church that evening. It was simply just not a long enough concert, for me.

    Finally, let’s all continue our prayers for Steve Ladd. What he is trying to do must be exceedingly difficult. God bless you Steve!

    OK now! Be sure and visit my blog sometime soon. I’ll post my URL below.

    “Preach The Word”…

    Pastor Paul Jackson / The Prophets Qt

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  3. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  4. Idetrorce, do you care to elaborate what you don’t agree with?

  5. Here’s hoping Jonathon wilburn, teams up with Jay Parrok, to form a great singing group,
    Jonathon, has a great gift, and should not be silent too long

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