Posted by: coomercove | September 25, 2007

My thoughts on a Top 5

As you may see by the Top 5 lists on the side bar, I feel as though I should not be restricted to 5. Brandon was kind enough to allow 7 on my side, but it’s still not enough. There are so many that tie for a Top 5 in my book that to list them all, I would need a Top 25+. I have old time favorites, such as Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, The Bishops, The Speers, The Inspirations, The Goodmans and The Primitive Quartet. There are also many groups that, although they have been around awhile, I choose to put in a different category; Gold City, The Perrys, The Booth Brothers, The Dove Brothers, Crossway, The Issacs, The Greenes, Mercy’s Mark, anybody Crabb, Legacy 5, Paid In Full, Mark Bishop, Kenny Bishop, The Kingdom Heirs, The Kingsmen, Mark Trammell Trio, Brian Free & Assurance.. On the contemporary side, it’s Point of Grace and PlusOne. Then of course there are local groups I love just as much at the main stream groups, The Crystal River Boys, The Brotherhood Quartet, The Banks Family..needless to say, I cannot limit a list to 5. I understand the concept, the absolute best of the best. It just doesn’t work for me.


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