Posted by: coomercove | September 27, 2007

Gold City’s Classics CD shelved

While attending Gold City’s singing Sunday, I learned that they are shelving the table project they were working on.  The project was to feature the current group singing classic Gold City songs, including my wife’s favorite GC song, “How Deep Is The Water.”  Kyle said that they hadn’t had time to go into the studio and record the vocals (the tracks are finished), and now they were finishing up song selection for their next mainline project, which will hopefully be out next March.  I hated this news.  I was really looking forward to hearing songs like “Love Went Deeper”, “Glory Is Waiting”, and “How Deep Is The Water.”



  1. Brandon,

    I had not heard about a table project. Do you have a prospective song list? It seems that with tracks done that the project would be shelved and not just delayed….


  2. Wes (long time no chat),

    I named the three songs I remember being mentioned. I want to think that “The Greatest Of All Miracles” was mentioned as well, but I’m not sure. My guesses would include a few songs that they are currently staging like “In My Robe Of White” and “Under Control.” I hope that “There Rose A Lamb” makes the cut.

    I think they will eventually get around to finishing the project. It wouldn’t surprise me to see it released at their Homecoming at the end of June 2008. I’m looking forward to the reunion of the Jay, Jonathan, Mark, and Tim lineup on the first night.

  3. […] posted another update for us.  Gold City will be finishing the Classics Vol. 2 project that was shelved last year so that work could begin on the next mainline recording.  Matt says they hope to have […]

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