Posted by: coomercove | September 27, 2007

The Perrys – Look No Further


I am looking forward to hearing the Perrys’ new release, “Look No Further.”  I like the addition of Nick Trammell (his dad is my favorite singer), but I’ve missed Loren Harris the two times I’ve seen the Perrys since he left.  Based on Daniel Mount’s review, it should be one of the top projects of the year.  I only have one question.  If you are going to take a group picture around a piano, shouldn’t the piano player be sitting at the piano?


  1. The piano player is at the piano in a different picture on the CD artwork……guess the lead singer gets all of the attention…….

  2. I heard the Perrys right before NQC, Tracy said it was the first night they had staged songs from the new CD. The new CD will be great, special mention is due the title track, which they had to encore. I would guess that some of the songs they staged that night probably won’t be normal concert fare, as I’m sure they were gauging the overall stage effectiveness. Sounds like it will be a very good CD, though.

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