Posted by: coomercove | September 28, 2007

Preach it!

Gold City has had several huge hits in southern gospel music. Songs like “I Think I’ll Read It Again”, “One Scarred Hand”, “There Rose A Lamb”, “He Said”, “In Time, On Time, Every Time” and many others. While hearing Gold City sing Sunday night, I started thinking about which song would be the current lineup’s signature song.

The late 80’s group with Brian & Ivan had “Midnight Cry.” The group with Jay & Mark had “I’m Not Giving Up.” The current group has a song that I feel is just as great as the other two signature songs. The song is “Preach The Word.” The song is amazing. Sunday was the first time I’d seen them sing it in a church and see the video presentation. During the song, several people stood up and held their Bibles up as high as they could. To quote Steve Ladd (in a tenor singer’s whisper), “It is so powerful”.

I picked the song as my favorite off of the Revival cd when I first heard it. After hearing it live for the first time last October in Dollywood, it became one of my favorite Gold City songs. Everytime I hear it, I love the song more. I’m excited that the song will be going to radio, but I don’t know how “chart friendly” it will be. It would be nice if it goes to #1, but I’m happy that it will be on radio where people who don’t buy cds will be able to hear it and be encouraged by it.


  1. I agree that Preach the Word should be their signature song although I think Mercy Came Running has the best message. Plus, Danny sings it with conviction, making it even more powerful.

  2. I’m in the minority, in that I am not sold on the “Revival” CD, but “Preach the Word” is definitely one of the strongest songs GC has had in a while. Glad to see it is being singled.

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