Posted by: coomercove | October 3, 2007

Respect Tom

I made this comment how I would like Tom Glavine to return to the Braves and blow a game in a pennant race like he did in the Mets’ season finale.

All jokes aside, I didn’t like that the Shea Stadium  fans booed Tom Glavine off the field.  Yes, he had a horrible, horrible day, but Tom Glavine deserves more respect than that.  I hate the Braves, but I always respected Tom and Greg Maddox.  Tom should retire a Brave, but it should be a football-style one day contract.  I think the September Tom had shows that he cannot last an entire year and pitch effectively. 

Anyway, if the Braves wanted Tom Glavine back, they should have signed him last year so that he could have won his 300th game in a Braves’ uniform.  That would have been the classy thing to do.  Instead, the Braves told Tom they wanted him back and Tom wanted to go back.  Tom was waiting on the Braves to give him an offer, but the Mets were waiting on Tom to decide what direction they wanted to go in during the offseason.  Tom set a deadline that he would tell the Mets his intentions on that date.  The Braves didn’t offer him a contract before the deadline, so he signed the Mets’ offer.  That is class. 

What wasn’t classy was booing Tom off the field.  The boos should have been rained down on the players, the manager and his coaches, and the general manager.  I’ve read that the boos were for the entire situation, not just Tom.  However, when the boos start while Tom is walking off the field (for probably the last time as a Met), they are directed at him.  The fans should have picked a better time to voice their displeasure.


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