Posted by: coomercove | October 5, 2007

Mark Trammell Trio: Once Upon A Cross

Mark Trammell Trio – Once Upon A Cross

  1. Even Thomas Couldn’t Doubt It ***** – This and “Weary At The Well” are my current picks from this recording.
  2. Won’t It Be Wonderful There **** – Good song for a great young tenor. I’ve been saying this since MTT formed, but I’d still like to hear Eric bust loose more often. I’d have rather seen the false ending used on another track later on.
  3. Moving The Hand Of God ***** – Love the contrast from the verses to the chorus
  4. Once Upon A Cross **** – Count me in with people who want to LOVE this song, but don’t. Maybe it is all the hype before I heard the song or the fact that I haven’t heard the song live (which will change by the end of this month), but I’m not as crazy over the song as others. If I had to pick a song to hear Mark sing about the cross or Calvary, I’d pick “Calvary’s Hill” at this point. Will update October 30, 2007.
  5. However I Go **** – I think I like this one more than I should. Can’t explain it.
  6. I Still Believe *** – Not a bad cut, but doesn’t do a lot for me.
  7. Let Me Bring Your Children Home *** – Boring. I’d like to think Jesus is more excited than this song shows to bring us Home.
  8. Weary At The Well ***** – Love the intro. Love the tag. Love everything in between. Would love it even more if they had used a false ending here, picked up the tempo, and did one more chorus.
  9. You Can’t Hold Back The Flood *** – Um… next.
  10. Heaven Can’t Be That Far Away *** – Sorry, Steve. Greater Vision’s cut from The King Came Down blows this one out of the water. I give him credit though, it is brave to cover a Gerald Wolfe vocal (even if you did write the song).

Total of 39 stars for a 3.9 average rating, which is higher than the 3.8 that I gave the Kingdom Heirs’ True To The Call. I think TttC is the better project, but Once Upon A Cross is not far behind it. Which surprises me, because I think the KH are much better on their recordings than live and the MTT is better in person than on CD.


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