Posted by: coomercove | October 5, 2007

Trading Stars on SG & Kingdom Heirs True To The Call

Daniel Mount started this thread on the Singing News Forum. The idea is to post star ratings of each song on a cd and to compare what you think with other posters. I have really enjoyed reading what the posters thought of Triumphant’s newest release, especially since I haven’t heard it yet. The second cd reviewed in the thread is the Kingdom Heirs’ True To The Call, which I think is one of, if not THE best, cd to come out this year. That may change this month as I plan to buy several CDs at Dollywood.

I am hesitant to review CDs because I have NO technical musical knowledge or ability. I only know what I like and what I don’t like, and I may or may not be able to tell you why I like it. That probably won’t lend itself to writing good CD reviews. With this blog, I will be trying to get over that hestitation. I think expanding on my Star ratings will be a fun way for me to get my feet wet.

Kingdom Heirs: True To The Call

  1. Since Jesus Moved In *** Not great, but a nice opening track
  2. The Rock’s Between The Hard Place And You **** Really, really good song. I could see myself rating it as 5 stars if it was on another project. On this CD though, three songs are better than this one and it isn’t close enough to give the song an extra star.
  3. True To The Call *** Good message. Good song for Steve French.
  4. I Am The Way ***** Jeff Chapman is awesome on about everything he sings and this is no different. I don’t think this is as good a cut as the other two songs I rated 5 stars, but is better than the songs I gave 4 stars to, so I gave it the boost up to 5.
  5. I Want You To Know ***** Great song, one of the top two on the project. This was my top pick on the CD until I listened to track 10 a few times.
  6. Jesus Made A Believer Out Of Me *** Good song, but nothing spectacular.
  7. Looking Out For You **** I really like this song. Very catchy.
  8. Praying Your Troubles Away **** Love Arthur’s verses.
  9. Lord Your Word Is Still True ** I’m sorry, but I’m not a big Billy Hodges fan. I like some things he sings (“When I Stand In The Presence”) and really enjoy other songs he sings (“Looking Out For You”). This is the only song that I automatically skip every time I listen to the CD. Upon further listening, the two star rating is too harsh. I wish I had given it three stars.
  10. What We Needed ***** The pick on this project. IMO, it HAS to be the next single.
  11. I Sing Because ****Great old Kingsmen song from Stand Up At Opryland.

I’ve already posted the star ratings in the Singing News forum, so I won’t change them now. I will say that this project is better than the 3.8 star average I gave it. If the one song I don’t like is taken out of consideration, the average raises to 4 stars. That is still too low. This is a great CD every SG fan should have.


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