Posted by: coomercove | October 8, 2007

Mercy’s Mark with Scott Allen

This year at the National Quartet Convention, Mercy’s Mark had a set on Tuesday night. They featured their then fill-in lead singer Scott Allen on “Til The Storm Passes By.” Today, he was named their permanent lead singer. Click below to hear part of his performance.

This clip is from the NQC’s audio webcast. They had a few bugs with it, but I would still recommend it to anyone who can’t make it to Louisville next year.


I seem to be having trouble with the above audio player. If anyone else is having trouble, click here to download the clip. It is not quite 2 MB in size.



  1. Ummm….WOW !!!! This is the best performance I’ve heard in years! Great job MMQ!

  2. Wow!

    Wasn’t he using Greater Vision’s soundtrack? I don’t really want to compare it to Gerald Wolfe’s rendition, since his rendition defines the song in my mind….

    …but totally leaving all thought of that aside, this kid who looks like David Phelps and sounds like Guy Penrod sure blows me away! 🙂

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