Posted by: coomercove | October 8, 2007

Mercy’s Mark

The hot topic today is the unofficial announcement of Scott Allen as the new lead singer for Mercy’s Mark.  As David Bruce Murray pointed out, this makes one change at each vocal position except owner Garry Jones’ baritone spot.  Everything I’ve read about Scott seems to indicate that he will be a terrific addition to the group.  The only time I’ve heard Scott was at this year’s NQC and that was via the internet audio feed.  He sounded great with them during that limited time and I hope he stays with Mercy’s Mark for a long time.  I can’t wait to see them in concert. 

I am disappointed, though not surprised, that MM will not be at Dollywood this month during the Harvest Celebration.  Last October at Dollywood, I saw MM twice and they were one of the highlights of the month for me.  They sounded wonderful (even without their Instant Replay machine that had just died), had lots of fun on stage (I thought Garry was a little over the top with his emceeing, though), and were very friendly afterwards at the product table.  Something shocked me, though.  Of all the artists I saw during the month, they had the smallest crowd (actually, they didn’t have a crowd) at their product table.  I couldn’t get over that.  They had new material available.  Both Something’s Happening, one of my favorite projects of last year, and Christian Davis’ solo CD (reviewed here by Daniel Mount) had just been released.  Still, practically no one stopped by their table.  Not to shake hands, not to get autographs, not to buy stuff, not even to say hello.  I felt bad for the guys.  I knew then they probably wouldn’t be invited back for this year’s celebration.

Hopefully, Garry will keep this group together and establish themselves as one of the best young quartets on the road.   



  1. […] hired as the permanent lead singer for Mercy’s Mark.  David Bruce Murray, Daniel Mount, and Brandon Coomer have all weighed in with their thoughts on this hire.  I can’t comment on Mr. Allen, as I […]

  2. Good post.

    And with this post, I’ve added your blog to my daily bookmarks (blogs I check 5-10 times per day). You’ve convinced me that you’re going to put something new up on a regular enough basis to make it work stopping by. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks, Daniel! That means a lot coming from you.

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