Posted by: coomercove | October 8, 2007

The Cathedrals: Radio Days

The Cathedrals – Radio Days 

  1. Ride That Glory Train **** – Nice, fun opening song.
  2. Mansion Over the Hilltop **** – I really enjoy this song.  When I think of Scott Fowler with the Cathedrals, I think of this song.
  3. Hard Trials *** – Fun song.  Not spectacular, but fun.  (That is my thinking on the project as a whole.)
  4. Echoes From the Burning Bush **** – Again, fun.
  5. I Know My Savior is There *** – The uptempo part (4 stars) saved it from a lower rating (2 stars).
  6. Acapella Reprise **** – Very nice little addition to the project.
  7. I’m Gonna Serve My Lord ** – Not a bad cut, but completely forgettable.  Nothing “grabs” my attention.  I hadn’t listened to this project in several years, so I’ve listened to it several times over the last couple of days.  Every time I reached this track, I thought to myself, “I don’t remember this one.”
  8. The Love of God **** – Two star vocal + five star song + Younce recitation = Four stars
  9. The Light of Love *** – Nothing to say.
  10. I’ve Been With Jesus *** – Ditto.
  11. I’m Looking For Jesus *** – And it ends.

 37 stars total for an average of 3.36 stars.  Remember, I am not a fan of the final Cathedral lineup.  I will say that this is a solid, but not spectacular, recording.  It is full of fun songs, but nothing that makes me say, “Wow!”  I actually enjoyed these songs more on the Alive! Deep in the Heart of Texas project, where the fun factor comes across more.  There is nothing on the project that I will say is bad, but as you can see from my sparse comments about each track, there is nothing for me to rave about.


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