Posted by: coomercove | October 10, 2007

Gold City: Walk The Talk

Gold City – Walk The Talk

  1. Somebody Sing Me A Gospel Song ***** – This style is right up Jonathan’s alley. It is a great concert opener. If it wasn’t the first track, I would knock it down to four stars.
  2. That Little Baby ***** – You can call it a Christmas song, but that little baby is still the King all year round. It is a better concert song than studio cut.
  3. Calvary Conquers It All *****– On Jay’s first GC project, Renewed, he was featured on “God Of All Gods” and “Stand”. While I loved both of those songs, I always thought Jay sounded more comfortable on fast songs, especially early in his career. This wonderful song shows how much Jay grew as a singer in his time with Gold City.
  4. I’m Saved, I’m Sure, I’m Ready ***** – This song and “Are You Ready” help make up a powerful testimony left behind by Doug Riley. He was ready. Are you?
  5. Walk The Talk **** – Catchy, but still had to grow on me over time.
  6. Then We Shall Sing **** – When the project was first released, I didn’t care much for this track. After I heard the group stage the song once, I fell in love with it.
  7. I’ll Say Thanks *****– Although Danny usually gets the slower features, Jonathan shows he can handle this style as well as his typical uptempo material. I’d love for GC to stage this song.
  8. Can’ t Do Without The Lord *** – This is the best they could find to feature Tim? I’d rather have heard another cut of “Under Control”, “How Deep Is The Water”, “When He Reached Down His Hand”, or even “Ezekiel Saw The Wheel”.
  9. God Is Unwilling ***** – Extremely under appreciated song and vocal by Danny. Another song that should be staged more often.
  10. God Handled It All ***** – At the time of release, the best song Gold City had recorded since “There Rose A Lamb”. I think it is one of the best songs to be recorded this decade by any artist.

This is not my favorite Gold City lineup, but I honestly think that this is the BEST quartet of my lifetime (I actually think it is the best quartet lineup ever, but I wasn’t alive to appreciate the Statesmen at their best, so I’ll refrain).  I tried to be impartial since Gold City is my favorite group, but this is one of their best projects and it is the mainline followup to what I thought was a disappointing project (Pressed Down Shaken Together, Running Over).  As it stands, 46 stars for a 4.6 star average. One of the best projects, if not THE best, of this decade. 


  1. Musical tastes are funny. I actually liked Pressed Down more.

  2. I have to agree with Daniel, I’m not a big fan of Walk the Talk either…there are some good tunes, to be sure, GHIA, TWSS, CCIA. I do like this one better than Are You Ready, but it is no Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

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