Posted by: coomercove | October 15, 2007

Mercy’s Mark – Something’s Happening

Mercy’s Mark – Something’s Happening 

  1. When It All Starts Happening I Want To Be There ***** – Great song.  Very exciting. 
  2. Prayer Will Take Heaven By Storm **** – Love the creativity of the lyrics.
  3. Something’s Happening ***** – By far, the best song on the CD.  Josh knocked this one out of the park.  One of my favorite songs of the last few years.
  4. Living In The Arms Of Mercy **** – Josh turned in another great performance on this.
  5. I’m Amazed ***** – Kind of different, but I love it.  This song is what clinched it for me that Brent was the right person to replace Anthony.
  6. Anytime **** – I actually like this song better than the opening track that I gave five stars.  Very catchy, the tune hangs with me hours after I hear it.  It is a great song, and although I may like it more than some five star songs, the song itself isn’t five star material.
  7. He’s The God Of Second Chances *** – Christian Davis is a good singer and a great fit for Mercy’s Mark, but I just don’t like his vocal on the verse.  Hopefully, he will be featured more on MM’s next project.
  8. Jesus Said Love **** – I really like this song.  Great message.  Brent does a great job on this one.
  9. All I Need To Know *** -Sorry, but it just doesn’t grab me. 
  10. He Was There All The Time **** – Acappella.  Very good closing track.

41 stars for a 4.1 star average.  I’d give the project as a whole 4.5 stars (at least).  This is one of my favorite CDs of 2006.  Although released almost a year after originally scheduled due to membership changes, it was well worth the wait. 


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