Posted by: coomercove | October 15, 2007

Weekend in brief; Details to follow

Lisa and I are safely home from Dollywood.  I’ll give a more detailed account later, but I thought I would give a quick rundown of the weekend’s concerts.

Brian Free & Assurance – Blah.  Best part of all three performances was Brian telling jokes when introducing Derrick. Very disappointing.

Crossway – Awesome. 

Legacy Five – I thought Crossway’s performances would be tough to beat.  L5 did it.

Dixie Melody Boys – Too many slow songs to start, much better on faster material.

Jeff & Sheri Easter – I don’t like bluegrass, but I enjoyed them.

Music Purchased: 

  • Several LPs (70’s Oak Ridge Boys, 70’s Florida Boys, Spencers, compilations)
  • Legacy Five – Know So Salvation, A Little Christmas, A cappella, Live In Music City DVD, Friday Night Favorites DVD
  • Dixie Melody Boys – Hymns, Traditions, Smooth and Easy
  • The Cathedrals – Travelin’ Live DVD


  1. I must say I am shocked at the BFA review. Everytime I have seen them, they have been absolutely outstanding. Was it more material oriented or performance oriented?

  2. Vocally, they were very good. Their material is good. Their stage presence was very distracting. I couldn’t get into it. They just didn’t click with me.

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