Posted by: coomercove | October 16, 2007

Brian Free & Assurance: It’s So God

Brian Free & Assurance – It’s So God

  1. When The Lord Says Go ***** – Great way to open the project.
  2. It’s All About The Blood ***** – I love songs that work in a chorus of an old hymn. Love the intro as well. Brian shines on this one.
  3. The Coming Of The King ***** – I like this song a lot better than “Long As I Got King Jesus”.
  4. If It Takes A Valley ***** – The big feature of this track of course is the Celtic music. Wonderful vocal by Bill Shivers.
  5. Man Of Sorrow **** – Very good cover of a song recorded by David’s Heart.
  6. Deep, Deep Sea ****Fun song to showcase Keith Plott. Probably a little better with current bass singer Jeremy Lile.
  7. The Only Thing Broken *****This song reminds me of “Crown Of Thorns”, one of my favorite songs from Greater Still. On a CD full of highlights, this is a standout for me.
  8. Keeping The Old Man Down **The best way to make me dislike a song is to give it a bluegrass feel.
  9. It’s Good And It’s God ***Not bad at all, but not the same quality of most of the project.
  10. Under Cross Examination **** Very, very good, but not as good as the second track or the Perrys’ “I Rest My Case At The Cross”.
  11. Jesus Will Pick You Up *****Best song on the project.

47 stars total for 4.27 star average. Absolutely awesome project. By far, it is the best project BFA have ever released. This is up there with Gold City’s Walk The Talk for my project of the decade.



  1. Agreed!

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