Posted by: coomercove | October 19, 2007

Brian Free & Assurance: Greater Still review

My apologies for not posting yesterday.  Lisa and I had to go out of state for the day and didn’t get back in time to post. I am working on our pictures from Dollywood so we can get them posted. 

Brian Free & Assurance – Greater Still

  1. On Damascus Road *** – Certainly not the quality of the Perrys’ song about “Damascus Road”.
  2. Greater Still *** – Nice, but I like several of the other slower tracks more than this one. 
  3. I Don’t Mind the Journey *** – Nice uptempo number showcasing Brian.
  4. As If the Cross Was Not Enough *****– IMO, the best song on the project.  Very powerful.  Check out Wes Burke’s blog entry on the song here.
  5. God Has A Plan *** – Looking back on this song, you can hear the style that Keith Plott would use to make “Jesus Will Pick You Up” such an outstanding song for him.
  6. Written in Blood ****– Very nice feature for Derrick Selph.   
  7. I Know Where I Stand **** – Good song that does have a bit of a late 80s-Gold City feel to it.
  8. Jesus, the One and Only ****– This is a cover of a song Gold City recorded on Riversong’s Southern Praise project from the early 90s.  I really enjoy Bill Shivers on ballads.  Again, I’m a sucker for tracks that use a hymn for the bridge.
  9. I Feel a Change ***– Another song that is very reminiscent of the Garry Jones-arranged Gold City.
  10. My Answer is Yes *** – One of the radio singles from the project.  Good, but not great uptempo song.
  11. Crown of Thorns ***** – Soft, but powerful.  Very beautiful.  Might not be the best song, but probably my favorite on the CD.
  12. Only God Knows  ** – Very true and powerful message, but as noted on the Singing News Forum, too sad to listen to repeatedly.  This is the third time the song has been included on a Brian Free & Assurance release.

42 stars for a 3.5 average.  I don’t remember what I thought of this project upon its release, but looking back on it, it is a nice CD.  I notice I used that word a lot when describing the tracks.  I guess that is what I feel about the project overall.  Not bad, but not great.  I don’t think this is close to the quality that the group would achieve on their next projects.  I’d give the project a four star rating as a whole.



  1. Great review Brandon. I agree with pretty much everything here, except I LOVE “My Answer Is Yes.” The harmony inversion and key change on the last chorus gets me every time. I agree with I Feel A Change sounding a lot like GC. I’d also bump OGK up to three stars at least. The performance is good, but agree the song is hard to listen to very often. Losing a child to miscarriage a couple years ago has made it even harder for me.

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