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The Kingdom Heirs – Going On With The Song Review

The Kingdom Heirs – Going On With The Song

Lisa and I are reviewing this one. Her ratings will appear first, followed by my own rating and comments.

  1. Mighty Deep Well **** / ***** – Love this song. Opening the CD with this song was a great way to build excitement for the project. It was what they needed for the first song on the first mainline CD after 3/7 of the group left.  The title cut would have been a very fitting opener, but this song is awesome. 
  2. The Gift Of Salvation ** / **** – His voice is different, but I really like Jodi Hosterman. I hated to see him leave the Kingdom Heirs. Now that I am thinking about it, Jodi reminds me of Legacy Five’s Frank Seamans in that they are not your typical tenor. They are both very good tenors, but their tones are different than what you usually hear. 
  3. He Had To Rise ***** / **** ***** – Is Arthur Rice great or what?  I could give this five stars, but I think a lot of Arthur’s slower features are too similar.  (You know, I like this song…. I’m going to give it the five stars.)
  4. Good News From The Grave ***** / **** – This is a cover of an Anchormen song when Jeff Chapman was their bass. I like this cut’s music better than the original Anchormen track.
  5. The Lord Is Great And Wonderful *** / *** – Now, we enter the part of the cd where if I was doing this review as an column instead of a list, I would throw in a sentence on the end along the lines of “Other songs on the CD include Song A, Song B, and Song C”.  This is an ok song.  Not bad, but not a standout.
  6. I Wanna Be The One **** / *** – Good.
  7. Plain Ol’ Everyday People *** / *** – Good. 
  8. He’s Already In Your Tomorrow ***** / ***** – This is more like it.  Love it, love it, love it. Highlight of the CD for me. Different, but great.  Did this track start the string of Celtic music in southern gospel that has been showing up the last few years (Assurance’s “If It Takes A Valley” and Mark Trammell Trio’s “Won’t It Be Wonderful There” come to mind)?
  9. Going On With The Song **** / **** – Could there have been a more perfect title song for this project?  It’s a pretty catchy song as well.
  10. Enjoy The Lord ***/ ** – Sorry, I just don’t care that much for Steve French’s features.

Lisa and I both gave it 38 stars for a 3.8 star average.  The project has three songs that just blow me away (tracks 1, 3, and 8).  I would like to give the project a 4.5 overall rating based on the strength of those three songs, but I can’t.  The middle part of the CD (tracks 5, 6, and 7) knocks down my overall enjoyment of the project too much.  Those tracks aren’t bad, but I’ve never enjoyed them that much.  Part of that might be that I’m always in a hurry to reach track 8, my favorite on this CD.  This is a very solid four star recording (can I give it 4.25 stars?). 


  1. Another good review guys. I really like “The Lord Is Great and Wonderful”, but I think that is because I heard it live before I got the CD. It’s a great concert track, but it does lose something on the CD.

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