Posted by: coomercove | October 23, 2007

I found a SG Box Set and Pirated CDs

Earlier this month, Wes at Burke’s Brainwork made a post on box-sets in southern gospel music. I responded with a post of my own, which Wes followed up on here.

I bring that up today because I found this by the Daybreak Quartet of Stockbridge, GA. They have a four disc box set of their first eight recordings for the very low price of $40. I have never heard the group so I can’t give an opinion of their sound, but they did win the NQC group talent show in 1998. I may pick this up just to hear former member Donny Henderson, who I always enjoyed when he was Poet Voices’ baritone.

I wish bigger groups would do this, but I don’t know how feasible it is with so many record labels involved in a group’s career. I do think if groups and/or labels would make their out of print music available (this isn’t an original idea, but wouldn’t digital downloads be the way to do this?) that it would cut into the growing business of pirated SGM CDs. I’ve read many posts on the Singing News forums about the many pirated CDs at this year’s NQC. Another place I think pirated CDs are a problem is the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN area. I have found several CDs in small Christian bookstores in the area that, if they were legit, wouldn’t just be sitting around on the shelves. I’m talking about CDs that I’ve seen sell on Ebay for almost $100 a piece. It is so bad that I am pretty sure I’ve bought pirated CDs from the SGMA Hall Of Fame in Dollywood (Kingsmen – Stand Up/Mississippi Live double disk, Gold City – Windows Of Home and Masters of Gospel).

On the topic of keeping music available, I have to say I was impressed when I saw Brian Free & Assurance’s product table at Dollywood. They have almost everything the group has ever recorded on the table. This includes their first two mainline recordings, Brian Free & Assurance and Things That Last Forever). Now, if they would just release the original trio version of At Your Request (or was it simply titled Requests?). I think the original release of the project had one song that wasn’t on the quartet version.


  1. So, was “At Your Request” originally release as a trio?

    I have the CD with Bob Caldwell singing bass, but it never crossed my mind that it might have been released when BF&A was a trio.

  2. Adam, I’ve seen the original version on Ebay one time several years ago. I was going to bid closer to the ending of the auction, but forgot about it. I haven’t seen it since. I can’t even remember the name of the song that was left off the quartet version.

  3. Brandon,
    Great find, I’d love to see more groups do this. I still think the set can be sweetened with cuts from past table projects as well.

    Amazon actually has a listing for the original version of Requests, but shows that the item is not available.

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