Posted by: coomercove | November 7, 2007

The Booth Brothers – Carry On

The Booth BrothersCarry On

  1. At The Right Time **** – Soft and slow, but beautiful.
  2. All Creatures Of Our God And King *** – Slightly different, but not bad.
  3. Tears Are A Language ***** – One of my favorite songs ever. Great vocal by Jim Brady.
  4. Passing The Faith Along ***** – Great cut of an old Gaither Vocal Band song.
  5. No More **** – Ronnie Booth is one of the best singers in southern gospel music and this shows why.
  6. Storm Now And Then *** – This is a Mosie Lister song that the group has recorded previously. Ronnie does a great job on this one, like everything else he sings. I enjoyed the version from Beyond The Cross more.
  7. I’m Forgiven **** – Great old Imperials song from their One More Song For You album. Jim Brady isn’t the best singer in group, but he is usually the highlight of their recordings for me.
  8. Over The Moon **** – I don’t like this song. Never have. Never will. That said, this is a great performance by Michael that I have to give four stars to.
  9. Hallelujah Meeting **** – I’ve always thought this Hinson song was okay. After hearing this track, I was ready to give it five stars. Then, the encore started. I decided to give it four stars.
  10. The Eyes Of Jesus **** – I really like this song. I don’t know of it being recorded since it appeared on Greater Vision’s first mainline recording.
  11. Restore My Soul **** – Very pretty song that features Michael. Love that they started and ended the project songs of a similar style.

I have to admit to being a bit let down by this project. I don’t know if my expectations were too high after hearing the clips from the group’s website or if the project is being overshadowed by the Perrys’ new project that I bought at the same time. Overall, I give this CD a four star rating. Going by the above star ratings gives it a (wow… I honestly didn’t expect this) 4.0 rating with a total of 44 stars. This is the first time that the rating I’d give a CD and what the track ratings give it are equal.

There’s not a bad song on this project. Let’s face it, the Booth Brothers don’t make bad music. It just isn’t the “out of this world” CD I was expecting. I did give a couple of songs five star ratings, but one of those is due in part to my being partial to the song. Tracks seven and nine both came close to getting a fifth star, but fell just short (the ninth song reached the fifth star, but stepped back down with the chorus line-style encore… I’d say it goes over better in concert). Now, how long is it until the group’s Daywind debut comes out?





  2. That song was on the “Pure Southern Gospel” project.

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