Posted by: coomercove | November 13, 2007

Gold City – Revival

I had planned on going into more detail with this review, but I’ve had a stomach virus the last couple of days and haven’t felt like doing anything at all.

Gold City – Revival

  1. Ain’t That What It’s All About **** – Lyrically and stylistically, a perfect opening song for this project.
  2. Preach the Word ***** – As I posted sometime back, the 80’s group had “Midnight Cry” and the 90s group had “I’m Not Giving Up”. The current group has this song. This is such an awesome song that I think they will be singing it from now on.
  3. God’s Still Good *** – Aaron’s first feature with Gold City. Good vocals, but I don’t think the song is that great.
  4. Look Who Just Checked In ***** – I love this song. It’s catchy and fits Jonathan very well.
  5. Truth Is Marching On ***** – I still think it is funny that of the three groups that recorded this song, the last one to be released was the version sent to radio. Great song co-written by Jim Brady.
  6. That’s What I’m Talkin’ About *** – Not bad, but not one of my favorites.
  7. Teach Me Lord to Wait *** – A good performance, but it sticks out like a sore thumb. It isn’t bad, but it is definitely out of place on this recording.
  8. Not Anymore ***** – I love this song. When I first heard this project, this track, even more than “Preach The Word”, made me think that Steve was finally comfortable and had found his place with Gold City.
  9. Mercy Came Running ***** – Although track 5 was released to radio, I think this is Danny’s best feature on the project. He sounds great on it and it shows in his performance that he loves singing it.
  10. I’m Rich ***** – Fun, fun song. It is great live, but I will admit that Jonathan sometimes goes overboard with it, much the same way he did with “He Said” when it was first released.

This project was hailed as being a new direction for Gold City, although it pretty much followed the course started on their Heaven CD. The difference is, where Heaven eased out to merge into the lane of country-flavored tracks, Revival is driving hard down the fast lane. You can still find a few Gold City’s usual ballads here, but the uptempo tracks all have a definite country feel to them. That isn’t a bad thing at all. This is an outstanding project. I give 43 stars for a 4.3 star average and a overall rating of five stars.


  1. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Get well quickly my friend.

    I come down on the other side of you on this one…I just didn’t really like this CD overall. PTW, TIMO, ATWIAA, and MCR are great tracks, NA and TMLTW are OK, but the other songs just don’t appeal to me very much. I’m not a big fan of the progressive country sound. To me, this CD pales in comparison Renewed, Windows of Home, Pillars Of Faith, Standing InThe Gap, or Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

  3. I still can’t fathom the logic (or lack of) of departing from the traditional quartet music that made GCQ who they are today. What sold me about this group is their consistency. I used to be able to confidently purchase a GCQ project and know what I was getting. “Revival” was such a styllistic shock to me that I’m still very hesitant to go see the current group.
    Yes “Teach Me Lord To Wait” stuck out, as you said, ‘like a soar thumb.’ And Jonathan went way overboard on “I’m Rich” for a studio recording.
    Track # ‘s 1,5,6,and 7 are the only ones that interest me.
    I wonder how much of this change is directly related to Daniel Riley’s musicall tastes? Looking back to about 10 years ago, his style as a soloist didn’t quite fit in with the quartet’s during that time. Listen to his 2 features on Gold City’s live video in Ireland to hear what I mean. After he joined the quartet, we heard a increase of soulfull and country tunes. (Somebody Sing Me A Gospel Song, That Little Baby, Poor Man Cried, Just Another Red Sea, to name a few.)
    As you can probably guess, I’m not a “country-quartet” fan. I hope that they permantly don’t go this musical route.
    But if it works for them and God leads them that way, who am I to argue? Time will tell.

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