Posted by: coomercove | November 14, 2007

HUGE NEWS: Mercy’s Mark Disbands

According to this post by youngartist on the Singing News forum, Garry Jones has disbanded Mercy’s Mark.

It has been confirmed by the Dominion Agency that Mercy’s Mark has officially disbanded. (hat tip, GVfan/Indiana Pastor) 

Shocking and very disappointing news…

I’m still not feeling great (and this certainly didn’t help), but I’ll try to post my thoughts later.



  1. It is important for everyone to remember there are two sides to every story, so be careful of the conclusions you draw from what you may hear or read.
    Unfortunatly this is an all too common tale amoung gospel quartets.
    When one takes into consideration the sacrifices they must make that alot of us don’t see, like the amount of time these individuals must spend on the road and away from thier families, or the stress of driving all night to make it to an appointment, booking dates or maintaining a reliable sorce of transportation….ect.
    or just the fact that they have to spend so much time together in such close quarters it’s a wonder that this doesn’t happen more often than it does.
    Sometimes these things can end on a peacful note where everyone comes to an agreement, and other times, saddly this is not the case.
    In either situation those who minister all need our prayers and support, that includes those who minister in song.
    This is indeed a minstry, and it’s the enemy’s job to make sure things like this happen, as with any relationship.
    Sometimes people may act hastily because of this or that, and say or do things that aren’t so easy to take back….. It’s hard to find the humilty to say I’m sorry, I was wrong, or lets try to work thru this.
    Sometimes, it’s easier just to start all over. That’s why there are so many marriages that end in divorce.
    But rest assured what ever information we receive, we will never know all the details involved in each situation.
    That is why we should all be encouraged to continue to lift each other up in prayer, because as fellow christians, sometimes this is the most important, yet most often neglected thing we can do for each other.

  2. Very true. Thank you so much for posting.

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