Posted by: coomercove | November 15, 2007

Greater Vision – Quartets CD Review

Greater Vision – Quartets

I like this project a lot. It was a brilliant idea for a recording. Fans kept telling Greater Vision that they needed a bass singer. They went out and borrowed 15 of them. It gave the fans what they wanted (for one project anyway), but let the group keep the trio like they wanted. It was genius. I love the idea behind it.

I just don’t like the CD as much as most people seem to. I was very lenient in my handing out of four stars (I almost gave three star ratings to quite a few songs). A lot of good songs, but only one song that I would call an awesome final product. I would actually point to this recording as the start of a string of Greater Vision recordings that are boring or stale. They all sound the same. Nothing bad, but nothing great. I haven’t heard Everyday People yet, but I’m hoping that it will break the string of stale recordings from the group.

  1. He Is To Me (with Glen Dustin of Legacy Five) **** – Very, very good. Almost five stars. Glenn sounds great with the guys.
  2. We Seek Your Face (with Jeff Chapman of the Kingdom Heirs) **** – Good message, but I’ve always thought this was a boring song, no matter who sings it.
  3. I Didn’t Know (with Tim Riley of Gold City) *** – Probably one of the weakest songs. I hate that Tim Riley was the bass on this one. I wish he had been on a stronger song.
  4. Who Can Do Anything (with George Younce) **** – I never cared much for this song, but the chance to hear Greater Vision with George is worth four stars.
  5. City That’s Coming Down (with Brock Speer of the Speer Family) *** – Another weak song.
  6. The Victory Road (with JD Sumner of the Stamps Quartet) *** – Don’t shoot me, but I’ve never cared much for JD’s singing.
  7. He’s My Savior (with Tracy Stuffle of the Perrys) **** – Tracy fits very well with the guys and Rodney sounds great on this song.
  8. He Called Me Out (with Rex Nelon of the Nelons) **** – I love this song, but the Nelons’ cut was much better.
  9. Just Ask (with Tim Duncan of Signature Sound) ***** – The best song on the project and probably my favorite song to hear Jason sing.
  10. He Loves Me (with Eric Bennett of Integrity Triumphant Quartet) **** – Another old song that I love.
  11. When He Washed My Sins Away (with Jeff Pearles of Palmetto State Quartet) **** – Nothing to complain about, but not much for me brag on either.
  12. God’s Grace Reaches Farther (with Gene McDonald of the Florida Boys) **** – Ditto.
  13. Rocked on the Deep (with Mike Holcomb of the Inspirations) **** – This is a fun little track.
  14. Crown of Bright Glory (with Christian Davis of the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet) **** – I really like this track. One of my favorites on the CD.
  15. The Longer I Serve Him (with Ed O’Neal of the Dixie Melody Boys) **** – One of my favorite songs ever, but this version just isn’t as good as the cut from Gerald’s Cathedral Quartet debut, Land Of Living.

I’ve given the project 58 stars for a 3.87 star average.

Considering the theme of the project and the great booklet included with the cd, I’d rate the project over all as 4.5 stars, despite my being lukewarm to the projects execution.


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