Posted by: coomercove | November 16, 2007

RE: If I was a rich man…

Daniel Mount posted an interesting thought today. He posted the quartet he would form with the currently available free agents if he had the money to be a non-touring group owner.

So, what would I do if I was forming a group and did not want to take members from other groups?

Tenor:  Jay Parrack – He may not be everyone’s taste, but I’ll take him over any other tenor I’ve ever heard.
Lead:  Josh Feemster – Josh is one of the best young singers around.
Baritone:  Michael English – If nothing else, this would get us some attention when we start out.
Bass:  Gene McDonald – His range is amazing.
Piano:  Garry Jones – I’m sorry, I have doubts about his management. I have none about his playing and arranging.
Bass Guitar:  Adam Borden – Awesome player… awesome person.

As for a name… I’d try to get the rights to one of two names. The first is, obvious from the personnel, Mercy’s Mark. If that didn’t work out, I’d want the group to be called the Singing Americans. With that name, I’d even consider hiring Dwayne Burke instead of Gene.

Later tonight or tomorrow, I’ll post something else along the lines of Daniel’s idea.  Something far more experimental than above.



  1. My! I’d love to have Jay Parrack. I think I might edit my post!

  2. […] Dallas Rogers [EDIT:] As per Coomer Cove’s suggestion, if I could get Jay Parrack, that would actually be my #1 pick. I’d love to hear how […]

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