Posted by: coomercove | November 20, 2007

Debut singles going to #1

Today, Wes at Burke’s Brainwork posted a Hidden Gem by Perfect Heart. In his post, he mentioned Perfect Heart as being the only group to have their first single go to #1 on the Singing News chart. In a comment, I asked about Poet Voices first single, “Jesus Built A Bridge”, which I thought went to #1. Between the two of us, Wes and I couldn’t come up with a concrete answer, so I posted on the Singing News forum. Seaton posted that “Jesus Built A Bridge” was a #1 song.

I have another question now. The current #1 song is “We Have A Savior”, the first single from Mike and Kelly Bowling. So, do they join the two previously mentioned groups as having their debut single go to #1? Before you answer, remember that Mike and Kelly Bowling is just a renaming of the Mike Bowling Group and they did have a single out before this one.

I will go ahead and say that I don’t think M&KB should join the list.

What do you think?


  1. “Jesus Built A Bridge” did hit number one on the Singing News monthly chart, but was it the debut single for Poet Voices?

    The group formed in 1991. It was December 1993 before that song went to number one on the Singing News chart. I know the chart is slow, but I don’t think it’s that slow. Of course, it’s possible they may have waited until 1993 before releasing their first single.

  2. Everything I’ve ever heard about Poet Voices has mentioned that “Jesus Built A Bridge” was their first single. Also, I found the below quote in the archive of Danny’s Diary on the Singing News website.

    One page 77, there is a full page, full color ad for a new group, who was announcing their Fan Awards nominations for Horizon Group of the Year, Song Of The Year, Horizon Individual and Favorite Songwriter. At the time of that ad, the group had only released one radio single and frankly, was blown away by the response.
    The group? Phil Cross & Poet Voices. The song? “Jesus Built A Bridge.” Vocalists of Poet Voices at that time were Phil, tenor Dale Brock and baritone Howard Stewart.
    Nowadays, Phil has re-organized the group after retiring a couple of years ago, Dale has his own solo ministry and Howard is enjoying the life of a retired person!

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