Posted by: coomercove | November 20, 2007

If I was very rich, and very daring, and did I mention rich?

In my previous post, I mentioned something else I would do in southern gospel music if I was rich that went beyond just forming a new group. The thing is, I’d have to be very, very rich to do this, because this would never turn a profit. It is so crazy that it wouldn’t work in practice, but this is my dream, so this is what I’d do and why I’d do it…

One of the hardest parts of being on the road so much is the time spent away from family. My favorite group is Gold City and I appreciate all they do in their ministry, especially that time away from their families. So, how could I make that easier on them? The obvious thing is to be the “money” for the group and let them cut back their schedule. That’s too simple. I’d do something insane and experimental. I’d hire regular fill ins to give the other members occasional weeks off to spend at home with their families and attend regular church services.

Using Gold City as the example, I’d hire three or four members to occasionally come on the road to fill in.  To back up the tenor, I’d hire Jay Parrack. He has filled in for Gold City before, and I think he would love the chance to sing with them every now and then. My next hire would be the utility man, a guy that can fill in at lead, baritone, bass guitar, and maybe even sing a little bass. I know one man that can do this – Loren Harris. While it would be interesting to have Loren singing bass with Gold City (Loren is filling in as bass singer in a group with my Dad right now), in this dream, Tim Riley is healthy enough to come on the road to rest the bass singer. Finally, we’d need a fill in piano player. As of right now, Mercy’s Mark isn’t traveling, so I’d have Garry Jones come back to play some weekends between his studio work.

Would it work? No, and I realize that. Southern gospel music rewards holding a lineup together consistently. Fans like to know exactly who they are coming to see in concert. If you used the website to let people know who was traveling that weekend, some would be disappointed if their favorite member had the weekend off.  This also introduces more personalities to mix together on the bus. You never know how that will work out.  It would take a lot of time and work to get a good blend with all the various vocal lineups.

It would, however, be interesting to hear a lineup of Jay Parrack, Jonathan, Danny, and Aaron or Steve, Loren Harris, Danny, and Aaron. I wouldn’t want those lineups over Gold City’s current one permanently, but for one weekend? Yeah, I’d drive a few hours and buy a ticket.


  1. I found a video on Youtube of Steve Ladd, Jonathan Wilburn, Daniel Riley, and Tim Riley filling in on bass while they searched for a replacement for Bill Lawrence. Josh Simpson played piano.
    Absolutely stellar performance. Too bad they never recorded an album, but hey, I like the current lineup as well.

  2. Thanks Aaron. I’d forgotten how great Tim Riley was and how much he added to GC.

  3. If I were very rich, I’d financially supplement my favorite groups so that they would tour one week and be completely off the road the next week. That way they would only have to be away from their families every other weekend. Oh, and I would also supplement the incomes for ALL holidays so that they could spend every single Holiday (and maybe a week before and after Christmas) off the road and with their families.

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