Posted by: coomercove | November 28, 2007

Mark Trammell Trio/The Perrys Concert Review

Last Saturday, we attended a concert headlined by the Mark Trammell Trio and the Perrys at John Battle High School in Bristol, VA.  The turnout wasn’t good at all, but that is to be expected in this area.  I believe the only groups in northeast TN/southwest VA area that really draw a crowd are the McKameys and the Inspirations.

The concert opened with a 16 year old piano player named Cody McVeigh (not sure on the spelling).   He played Anthony Burger’s arrangement of “Getting Ready To Leave This World”.  A local group was next, and because I’m a nice person, I won’t give their name.  I will say that they set back southern gospel music by years.  This group used sound tracks that were so old, you couldn’t hear the music over the tape hiss.    Lisa and I took an 18 year old friend with us to the concert.  He has attended a few concerts with us before, but I don’t know if he’ll attend another one.  It was so bad that we apologized during the group’s set.

After the torture, the Mark Trammell Trio took the stage for their 35 minute set.  Steve Hurst wasn’t with them, so Dustin played piano for a couple of songs during their set.  The two highlights of their set were “Weary At The Well” and “Once Upon A Cross” from their latest Daywind project.  Dustin gets better every time I hear him.   One thing of note is that the MTT needs to get ear monitors.  We sat on the second row and the sound we could hear from their monitors was deafening.
The Perrys ended the first round with a 35-40 minute set.  They did mostly songs from their new project plus “Damascus Road” and Libby was featured on “Still Blessed”.  Matthew performed the instrumental from Anthony Burger’s Hall of Fame induction.  Their set ended with their new single, “Holy Shore”.

After about a 15 minute intermission (featuring free bottled water – a nice touch), the Mark Trammell Trio came out to do one song before the Perrys joined them on stage for a few songs to end the night.  Mark did the first verse of “He Will Hide Me” and finished the song with the Perrys.  Mark then spoke a few minutes before singing “Who Am I” with Nick, Libby, and Tracy.  The final song was “I Wish I Could Have Been There” featuring all the members of both groups.  Dustin took the lead from Joseph on a couple of the choruses.

I enjoyed the concert concert greatly, but I don’t think I would attend a concert with that local group again.  They were that bad and their set was just as long as the two headlining groups.


  1. “I enjoyed the concert concert greatly, but I don’t think I would attend a concert with that local group again. They were that bad and their set was just as long as the two headlining groups.”

    Been there – heard those kid of groups too! And they always take up too much time.

  2. i really dont think the po-lice thought to ADVERTISE. Otherwise there would have been a much better crowd. and yes, i was really admiring MTT tenor for not bustin out laughing up there.

  3. […] We went to a Mark Trammell Trio/Perrys concert last year around Thanksgiving (full concert review here).  We took a 18 year old friend with us. Come to find out, an unadvertised local group was singing […]

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