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In The Spotlight: Paid In Full

My first “In the Spotlight” topic was placed in a much brighter spotlight than this one at the 2007 National Quartet Convention when they were named the Singing News Fan Award winner for Horizon Group of the year. Even with that honor, I don’t feel they get the attention they deserve. The group I am spotlighting is the trio from New Albany, MS, Paid In Full.

While they won the Horizon Award this year, they are not a new group by any means. The group formed in 1991 with the line up of tenor Jeff Crews (Doug Harrison of A Very Fine Line has wrote that Jeff is a “bankable talent“), lead Lance Moore, and baritone Bradley Littlejohn. This lineup stayed together until earlier this year when Jeff left the road and was replaced by 18 year old Brock White. While Jeff had a different voice than most southern gospel tenors, Brock’s voice has a similar tone and fits in perfectly with the group’s sound.

The group’s 1998 In All I Do project established the group’s style of southern gospel lyrics and harmony along with music tracks with a heavy country sound, which should be expected with the producing talents of Woody Wright and Michael Sykes. Notable songs on the CD include “I Could Sing About Heaven“, “Because I Love Him” with David Phelps, and “When My Master Walks With Me” with Jake Hess. Hess had met the group in 1996 and became a mentor to the group, helping them make contacts in the industry.

In All I Do was followed up by A Brighter Day in 1999. This release included an appearance by the Oak Ridge Boys’ Duane Allen on “It Won’t Be Long“. The standouts on the project include “Our First Day In Heaven” (Lance Moore is a very underrated singer) and the group’s first song to reach the Top 30 on the singing News chart, “Sailing Towards Home“.

Their next project was the first CD in the Down Home Series, Sounds Of the Season. It is a Christmas CD with both old and new songs and was produced by Woody Wright.

Although no longer available, Every Day featured some of my favorite songs from the group. “My Father’s House” is the song that made me pay attention and become a huge fan of the group. Other songs of note found on this CD are “The First Look“, “It Was Love“, and “Heaven Is My Goal“. “It Was Love” highlights the group’s harmony. “Heaven Is My Goal” is a remake of a song found on A New Start, a CD the group recorded in 1994 on a developmental label for Horizon Records. That CD showcased more traditional southern gospel music tracks and an amazing cut of “Had It Not Been” by Jeff.

The second entry in their Down Home series was the group’s next release. Sounds of Home featured some of their favorite hymns like “Amazing Grace”, “I Will Meet You In The Morning“, and “Down At The Cross“.

The group’s Song Garden Music Group debut project was entitled Lovin’ Out Loud and had several great songs on it. “Holy Spirit Fall On This Place” and “I’ll Meet You On The Mountain” were highlights, but two songs stood out above the others. “Simple Faith” showcased Jeff Crews voice better than anything I had heard from him before. The group’s highest charting single, “What The Storm Does Not Know“, which reached #22 on the Singing News chart, is one of the best songs of this decade. I love songs that talk about how we never face the storms of life alone and this song features a short, but powerful chorus:

What the storm does not know is over me, it has no control. I’m waiting safely with the Master for the calm that will come after. I will hold on for I know what the storm does not know.

The group just released Sounds Of Faith, their first project with tenor Brock White and the third release in the Down Home series. It features classic hymns like “The Love Of God“, “What A Friend We Have In Jesus“, and “Are You Washed In The Blood“.

If you haven’t heard Paid In Full before, click on some the links and give them a shot. They are not the traditional trio in the style of Greater Vision or the Mark Trammell Trio, nor do they lean to the progressive side as the Booth Brothers. They are a southern gospel trio with a style of their own and if you listen with an open mind, I think you’ll enjoy their music.

You can hear more sound clips here and can order their music here. They currently have a five cd package that includes all six of their currently available projects for $60.


  1. I totally agree with everything you said. I think that Lance has one of the best voices in southern gospel music.

    Another song that Jeff did that I love is “Work of Grace”

  2. Great spotlight article. I had heard What the Storm Does Not Know and really liked it, but then I saw these guys at NQC this year and was very impressed. It looks like they’re finally going to have some dates close enough for me to get to see them again in person. I wish them the best as they travel further from Mississippi!!! And I’m sure lots of people would agree with me!

  3. Great article, and a great concept for a series of posts Brandon. Good job!

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