Posted by: coomercove | December 6, 2007

Gold City: Voices Of Christmas

  1. Awake My Soul ***** – Great acapella opening track. The only knock on it is it is only one minute long and I always want to hear more.
  2. Angels We Have Heard On High ***** – I love the music on this track, especially the kickoff.
  3. Merry Christmas With Love ***** – My favorite individual song on the cd. This is one of my favorite performances from Brian Free.
  4. O Little Town Of Bethlehem *** – This song is done acapella and features Tim Riley on the verses.
  5. Silent Night **** – This track is Ivan Parker’s feature song. It kicks off with a full band, then falls back to just piano when Ivan begins singing. When it reaches the chorus, the band comes back in with the other vocalists. Very nice.
  6. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear **** – Another acapella song.
  7. Away In A Manger **** – Tim is featured again here, and I like this track a lot more than his other feature.
  8. Christmas Medley ***** – Awesome. This project is almost 20 years old, and I still get excited every time I hear the music of this track start. Songs included are “Good Christian Men Rejoice”, “Joy To The World”, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”, and “O Come Let Us Adore Him”. Mike Lefevre’s couple of lines during “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is his only solo on the project.
  9. Merry Christmas All Year Long ***** – They close the project with another short acapella song.

A few bloggers have recently pointed to this as one of the best southern gospel Christmas releases ever. I have to completely agree. This isn’t what I would call THE best, but I would call it my favorite Christmas project. I still remember the night in the mall with my parents when my Dad found the Benson Special Project version of this project (it also included A Cathedral Christmas A Capella on the other side of the tape). I have a lot of fond memories tied up with this project.

I give the project 40 stars total for a 4.44 star average.



  1. I absolutely concur. What a great album, and the medley is definitely the highlight for me, though the arrangement on Angels We Have Heard is my all time favorite arrangement of that song. It was updated (at least by 1989 standards), but still sounds like a Christmas song.

    Christy and I were talking recently about the trend of people rearranging Christmas songs until it sounds like something off one of their regular CDs. Christmas songs just have a certain, inexplicable sound to them, that needs to be retained when updating the arrangement. Gold City did this well. Others, not so much.

  2. […] Brandon over at Coomer Cove has some great comments on this track in his review of this album here.  This is the classic Gold City at their finest. […]

  3. […] from the Voices Of Christmas project.  Brandon at Coomer Cove loved the track to this song in his review of the project.  I’ll go a couple steps farther and proclaim this the capstone arrangement […]

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