Posted by: coomercove | December 6, 2007

Great emcees of the future & one bad one

There is a thread on the Singing News forums discussing the great emcees of the future in southern gospel music. As of now, the current emcees getting the most support are Gerald Wolfe, Tony Greene, and Michael Booth. I completely agree with Gerald and Tony. I can’t comment on Michael because every time I’ve seen the Booth Brothers, Ronnie did the emceeing. I also have to agree with Tony Watson mentioning that Scott Fowler has came a long way as an emcee.

One comment in the thread threw me. It mentions Jerry Goff as a legendary emcee. The only way I would attach legend to Jerry Goff’s emcee work is saying it is legendarily bad. The guy has been emceeing forever and if he still needs a notecard (which he has a hard time actually reading) to remember that Ivan Parker or Gold City is tied to “Midnight Cry” or that Greater Vision recorded “My Name Is Lazarus”, concert promoters need to find a new emcee. Honestly, when I know Jerry Goff is emceeing a concert, I think twice before attending it.


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