Posted by: coomercove | December 6, 2007

Sports guarantees

A player for the Pittsburgh Steelers has guaranteed a win over the cheaters from New England.  Some of the media is running him into the ground for it, but I don’t see what the big deal is with guarantees in sports.   Would a player be better off saying “Naw… man, we’re gonna lose.  I may not even go to the stadium” or “We’re gonna win.”?



  1. Well, the Pats have looked pretty vulnerable the past couple games, and Pittsburgh is playing really good football right now, so it seems to be a prime chance for the upset….we shall see. GO STEELERS!!!

  2. I’d feel better about the chances for an upset if the game was in Pittsburgh. Still, we can hope. If nothing else, the Patriots struggles in the last two games gives me something to harass Steve Ladd with Saturday night.

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