Posted by: coomercove | December 8, 2007

Emcee Pro software

Can someone provide some info and opinions on the Emcee software program from Testify Software?  The group I run sound for is considering it to replace our minidisc players.

 If you recommend the software, what kind of processing power do you recommend having to run it on?



  1. I will say this….anytime you use something on a computer, you run the risk of latency, especially on a Windows machine. A dedicated laptop is pretty much required.

    Also, if you plan on using mp3 formats, you will lose sound quality. Even with standard wav’s, you run the risk of lowering your quality, depending on the bit rate.

    I would recommend a 360 Instant Replay machine. We just got one recently, and are VERY please with it. It will hold up to 1000 songs at CD-quality (and on some models, higher than CD-quality), and it’s a dedicated machine, so you don’t have to worry about a laptop crashing.

    The best part about the Replay is that you have the ability to assign up to 50 “hot keys,” which provide songs at the touch of a button. No delays, no scrolling through a track list, just hit the button and go.

  2. I believe you can download a demo version of the software and try it out.

  3. I would highly recommend the emcee pro system. Economically the emcee pro is the best computer based system there is. We have been using one for over a year now and it has been a real blessing to our ministry.

    I do recommend using a dedicated laptop for the system but just about any laptop system will work. It is a very simple system to operate and very simple to load tracks into.

    I have not seen any quality loss in the use of the program. The tracks are crisp and clean. You will throw rocks at your mini disc when you get this system. The tracks can be trimmed or level adjusted very easily. You won’t be disappointed with the emcee pro system

  4. I don’t know about the Emcee Pro, but if you end up with the 360 Instant Replay, I’d strongly advise you to purchase a stereo direct box with a pad. If for no other reason, use the direct box if you have to occasionally interface it with other people’s sound systems.
    I’ve ran sound for a group using the 360’s before, and had to turn the it’s channel’s gains completely counter clockwise to get a controllable signal. Even then, the 360 was putting a minimum +18 DBU signal into the channels it was patched into.

  5. We have used Emcee Pro for a short while and love the program. We replaced our mini-disc system. It is simple to use and the tech support is awesome! We use it on an inexpensive Toshiba laptop.
    I would recommend it to anyone.

  6. I have a Apple Mac Book Pro. Does anyone know if EmCee Pro is compatible with Mac?

    Thanks, Marshal

    • No, it is not compatible with MAC machines and there are no plans to make it so. Another thought is regarding the “support” that is (not) provided with the Emcee Pro program. I have sent at least ten emails since I have had my system and have never received an answer to any of them. If you try to call, you have to pay $1.85 per minute for the privilege of talking to someone who still will not provide the assistance you need – no matter how trivial. Right now my system is down due to a hard drive failure and I cannot get any assistance throuigh the support system at all. The software is a good system but the support is non-existent. Think about it before you lay out a lot of money. This is pricey software.

  7. I have been using emcee pro now for about 6 months.It is a good program,but i don’t like the fact You have to pay for another activation code and pay 50.00 dollars to get it if You want to put it on a backup PC.250.00 dollars is a bit much just to be able to use it on one machine.I would advise something different.I am right now looking for something different to use because of this fact.If I would have known it was just for one machine I would have never bought the program.The guy acts like He thinks it is an operating system,and your PC cant run without it.Going to look at 360 instant replay and see if it is any different,

  8. We love the program. Customer service is awesome. Used emcee pro for 3 years and always did a great job.

  9. Just to be clear on the $50 courtesy license, there are many other options if you just want to have a back-up copy. EmceePro features a ‘One Button Back-up’ feature that will copy your tracks, settings, and a temp copy of EmceePro onto a thumb-drive (or anything else) so you can carry your emergency back-up in your pocket. There are other (no cost) options as well.

    The need for a ‘courtesy license’ is because there was a problem with a ‘group’ buying the software and putting it on the computers of all the members. As people would come and go from the group, each ended up with a copy of EmceePro – when only one was paid for. (You’d think that folks that make their living selling CD’s would be sensitive to copying/pirating software, but that’s not always the case).

    • I have been using Emcee pro for about a year now and I to had a problem with the cost of another license fee of $50. to have a backup pc.I contacted Mr watson and He never once told Me there is other no cost options other then the backup that he spoke about on here.As anyone knows PC’s don’t go on for ever,they do eventually wear out.So what do You do in that case,You are stuck.What if the hard drive goes out,I have had that happen.You are then out the $200 you payed for the program.I even talked a friend into investing in the program before I knew about the license fee.Great program but dissapointed about the license.Hopefully My laptop last till I die or I will have to buy another license or go back to mini disc.

      • Hello Robert…

        Seems to be some confusion here. The license for EmceePro allows installation on more than one computer – as long as the computer belongs to the registered EmceePro user and is under his/her control. The only time the ‘courtesy license’ would come into play is if someone is in a group and wants to install EmceePro on other group members machines.

        This is a ‘courtesy’ – an additional copy/license of EmceePro for $50 – but some people seem determined to turn our good intention on it’s head.

      • Software piracy is a big problem and all developers, even Christian ones, need to safeguard against it. In my experience, Testify Software and Ted are cautious, yet fair, when asked for a current registration key, provided you have your PIN number.

  10. Regarding the post by Mr. Prentice (above) and the support offered by EmceePro, his comments are, at best, misleading – but more to the point, untrue and libelous.

    My name is Ted Watson. I’m the guy that developed EmceePro. I’m also the one responsible for maintaining and delivering our user/tech support. When I saw that Mr. Prentice has chosen to post his ‘complaint’ to a public forum like this, steam came out of my ears. I have been dealing with Mr. Prentice via email for more than a year. We have records showing 5 email questions/requests from Mr. Prentice and 5 answering emails – promptly and courteously.

    By contrast, he has written us bombastic and emotional email in the past. Ironically, in these emails he accused us of not operating in a “Christian way”, but then posts untruths here in a public forum. Interesting.

    We offer free and unlimited email support. For new users, we gladly take time on the phone with them to get them started – for free. We also offer a further step of support with a per/minute option.
    We use a paid phone support for two reasons. 1) nearly all the calls we get are questions that could be anwered by simply reading the documentation. When we had ‘free’ phone support, people just called because it was the easiest way to get answers (which we always gave). With thousands of users, though, it became a full-time job just to deal with these calls. 2) When necessary, we use a third-party ‘remote access’ service for full phone support that WE have to pay to provide.

    Interesting note: To date we have had exactly zero users use the ‘paid support’ option. That’s right – zero.

    I think that the thousands of satisfied users speak well of our software and our support.

    It might be a good idea for the owner of this blog to screen posts made by Mr. Prentice.

    • I read Mr. Prentice’s comment before it was approved. I made the original post a long time ago asking for opinions/info concerning the software. He shared the point of view of his experience. Just like with anything online, readers have to take everything you read with a grain of salt. That said, he’s had his say and you’ve responded. If, by chance, he posts again concerning your private interactions, I’ll delete it.

      I appreciate all your comments and the info you have provided on this post. The group I run sound for purchased the software over a year ago and love it. I’ve never had a problem with it other than occasional skips, which a reboot of the computer takes care of.

      BTW, I do hope you appreciate that I’ve not allowed any of the comments asking for someone to share their registration codes by email. 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply. I see that Mr. Prentice’ post was submitted a while back, but for some reason I just received email notification of it today.

        Thanks for helping with the registration number thing too. You’d think that folks that have their income based in part on CD sales would be sensitive to the whole piracy/unauthorized copying thing – but I guess not always.

        Sometimes I have to remind myself that with the numbers of users we have, it’s just a handful that stir up problems like this. I can probably number them all without running out of fingers. Thanks again for your support!

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