Posted by: coomercove | December 12, 2007

Gold City & e-tracks

Gold City is now offering downloadable soundtracks for sale in their online store.  Daniel Mount is encouraged and Wes Burke would rather they begin their digital music offerings with their old 3 for $10 table projects (I would love to see that happen).

As for me, I want a soundtrack of “In My Robe Of White” with some get up and go, not that draggy imitation Assurance sings.

I have seven full album tracks from Gold City, but below are just some of the harder to find songs I would like them to offer:

  • In My Robe Of White
  • How Deep Is The Water
  • Jesus Will Lead Me
  • Love Went Deeper
  • Come On In
  • After I Bow
  • Cool Drink Of Water
  • I’m Gonna Move
  • I’m Going Home With Jesus
  • Under Control
  • Until He Comes
  • Walk On
  • The Search Is Over
  • Windows Of Heaven
  • Nobody’s There
  • The Saving Kind


  1. A few of those never really had “tracks” done for them, because they came from live albums. GC recently redid a track for “In My Robe Of White” that they use on stage, but it’s not the original one.

  2. In the Christmas vein, I want the tracks to “Angels We Have Heard On High” and the medley from Voices Of Christmas.

  3. I would also like these tracks. Especially “Jesus will lead me.”

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