Posted by: coomercove | December 14, 2007

Build A Concert: Gold City

A couple days ago, a very interesting thread started over on the Singing News forum. I’ll quote the subject and rules from the topic starter, Seaton.

A Southern Gospel artist is coming to your home town. A contest awarded the winner (you) the chance to create the program/song list for the group’s evening performance. You are responsible for picking the songs and the order they are to be sung. How would you structure the group’s program?

The only rule is use song’s that have been recorded or at least sung in concert before by the artistst. We’ll pick one artist a day. Choose a song list that would create a 1 hour 1st set and a 20 minute 2nd set.

The initial group was the Perrys, followed by Triumphant. Today, the group is Gold City. Below is the program I’d choose.

1st Set

  1. One Scarred Hand (acapella)
  2. Ain’t That What It’s All About
  3. About The Cross
  4. Under Control
  5. I’m Not Giving Up
  6. Introductions
  7. Piano Solo
  8. I’m Free Again (no tracks)
  9. Beulah Land (no tracks)
  10. In The Sweet Forever (no tracks)
  11. When I Get Carried Away
  12. Get Up, Get Ready
  13. Mercy Came Running
  14. Nothing But The Blood (no tracks)
  15. Preach The Word
  16. God Handled It All (encore)

2nd Set

  1. How Deep Is The Water
  2. I Think I’ll Read It Again
  3. Heaven
  4. Midnight Cry
  5. In My Robe Of White (encore)

  • The acapella version of One Scarred Hand is on the “Sold Out” video.
  • I’m Free Again/Beulah Land/In The Sweet Forever would be performed around the piano.
  • I’ve only heard them sing “Beulah Land” once. It was at their Homecoming several years ago. Jonathan did an outstanding job.
  • Last Saturday, Steve testified and sung “Nothing But The Blood” leading into “Preach The Word”. It was an awesome moment.
  • My first set has the potential to run over a few minutes. I selected a lot of songs, but many of them are either very short (songs around the piano) or are just part of a song (“One Scarred Hand” and “Nothing But The Blood”). I think the time would depend if Jonathan got wound up and talked a lot.
  • There are a few songs (ok, several songs) that I wish I could fit in, but couldn’t. The top three that missed the cut are “There Rose A Lamb”, “I’m Willing To Live For Him”, and “Nobody’s There.”
  • Another tough omission is my all-time favorite song, “Between Me And The Storm.” I left it off because my set list is designed for the current group, and I have a hard time “hearing” anyone other than Mark Trammell singing it.

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