Posted by: coomercove | December 14, 2007

Mike Lefevre

Yesterday, Wes posted a new Hidden Gem, Gold City’s Christmas Medley from 1988.  He loves the track as much as I do, but one line in his post stood out to me:

Up next is one of the finest solos of Mike LeFevre’s tenure with the group on O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

That made me think.  Is it really one of Mike’s best solos with the group?  My first thought was that while he sounds great on it, it is only four lines long, 40 seconds to be exact.  That can’t be his best solo while he was with the group.  If my thinking is true, common sense says he has to have a better one on another project.

So, I started going back through my mind, thinking about some of his other features trying to find it.

  • “When I Get Carried Away” from Double Take Live, his first mainline project with Gold City
  • “That’s What I Am” from Goin’ Home
  • “The Cloud He’s Coming Back On” from Favorites, Volume One
  • “Victory Side” from Favorites, Volume One
  • “Holy Anointing” from Movin’ Up / A Ten Year Celebration
  • “Calvary’s Hill” from Portrait
  • “Love Bigger Than Heaven” from Windows Of Home

Looking over that list, the standouts to me are “When I Get Carried Away” and “Holy Anointing”.  I don’t care that much for “That’s What I Am”.  The passion, conviction, and power in Mark Trammell’s live performances of “Calvary’s Hill” made me forget anyone else had ever sung it.  “Love Bigger Than Heaven” is a pretty good song, but not the caliber of the others.  Mike’s solos on Favorites, Volume One, part of a 3 for $10 concert special during the late 80s.  “Victory Side” is decent, but as good as Lefevre is, he isn’t Mike English.  Mike’s first verse and solo lines on “The Cloud He’s Coming Back On” are very, very strong.  If the quality of the recording was better, it had the potential to compete with the two standouts that I mentioned earlier.

Discussing the two standouts, “When I Get Carried Away” is more memorable due to the cleverness of the chorus more than the Mike’s verses.  That leaves “Holy Anointing,” which has never been one of my favorites, but is a really great song.  I’ve listened to it a few times this morning, and I really like the way Mike’s voices meshes with the music track in the verses.  It’s a tight sound, very enjoyable.

So, which do I like better, “Holy Anointing” or the “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” verse in the Christmas Medley?  I don’t know.  I haven’t made up my mind, but despite my initial reaction, I now agree with Wes. The Christmas Medley “is one of the finest solos of Mike LeFevre’s tenure”.



  1. That has to be the most convoluted way of saying “I agree” that I have ever seen. 🙂

    Never said it was one of the longest solos of his GC time, but he sounds as good or better on that one little verse as he does on anything else….a short highlight, but a highlight nonetheless.

  2. But Wes, I didn’t agree at first. You made me think about it and I had to talk myself into it. 🙂

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