Posted by: coomercove | December 19, 2007

Trammell/Brown Engagement Round Up

The announcement of Nick Trammell’s engagement to Jessica Brown of the Browns has started a flurry of blog posts and message board posts about what the future impact this may have on the Perrys and Browns.

Daniel Mount puts a positive spin on the question by posting “here are my best wishes to them for a happy, lifelong marriage and successful ministry in any avenues in which God may direct them.” The quote comes after he points out that the groups are based 13 1/2 hours apart. The way I read it, the “ministry in any avenues” part is Daniel’s way of saying he wishes them well when they realize they spend too much time apart and one leaves their group to join the other or to stay at home. (Not that I disagree, I don’t like working 30 minutes away from Lisa.)

Averyfineline posted about being asked if the Perrys would be better off if Nick joined the Browns. I love Doug’s response, “Well, sure, … if they hired someone better than Trammell.” Before answering, he mentioned that Trammell leaving the Perrys would be a “pretty selfless act of matrimonial devotion,” reasoning that moving from the Perrys to the Browns would be a large step down in SGM and that Trammell doesn’t have the “marquis vocal talent” to lift the Browns much higher in SG.

Doug better hope that the Brown’s booking agent, Michael Davis, doesn’t read that. On the Singing News forum, a thread of congratulations to the couple has started. Very respected poster JChaz mentioned the obvious possibility that one group will “suffer a loss.” He stated that he would hope that Nick joined the Browns, giving the reason that “Their act needs something – maybe it’s him.” Booking agent Davis posted his unbelief that JChaz would post the statement and that “thousands of Browns fans across the US and Canada would disagree.” I’ve never heard of the Browns, and won’t have any reason to seek them out unless Nick joins them. So in my case, the Browns do “need something.”

(TANGENT: I think that it is great that people involved inside SGM are on message boards and blogs, but if they react like that everytime something that isn’t “they are so wonderful” is posted about one of their artists, they need to go back to lurking. In Mr. Davis’ defense, I’ve had a couple of very positive exchanges with him. As far as I know, this is an isolated incident with him. Angie Hoskins on the other hand…)

Going back to a comment left on Averyfineline’s post, Kyle (Southern Gospel View) reminds us of Ricky and Kelly Free. Kelly left the McRaes and Ricky still travels with Assurance and wonders if this will happen to the Browns. I thought the original press release when Ricky & Kelly were married was that Ricky was going to do studio work and only travel part time. It seems that Ricky still travels most of the time with Assurance… or someone who looks like Ricky travels with Assurance. Maybe the reason Ricky has his current haircut is so that he and Kelly can take turns traveling with Assurance. (Ok, that was a bad joke, but seriously. The last time I saw Assurance in concert, I really did think Kelly was playing the drums until Ricky was introduced. I don’t think that would work for Nick and Jessica… Nick has his dad’s hair – or lack thereof. Like I’m one to talk about a rapidly retreating hairline… anyway, back on topic!)

To Nick and Jessica, you have my congratulations, my best wishes, and my prayers. Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful marriage.


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