Posted by: coomercove | December 28, 2007

Dove Brothers: Life sneak peak

Jerry Martin of the Dove Brothers sent out an email announcing a new look for their website. The website update includes an almost ten minute long preview of their forthcoming project, Life. Work permitting, I’ll be updating this post with my thoughts on the preview.

1. Still Got A Feeling – Medium tempo with a bit of the country sound
2. (You Can’t Fix It) But He Can – Slow song featuring Eric Dove. Should be a good song for the group.
3. You Don’t Know God’s Love – A very strong country sound with McCray on the verse.
4. Live My Life For You – Slow song featuring Jerry Martin. Sounds a lot like the songs Jerry did with the Kingsmen. Should be one of the strongest songs on the project. Jerry is one of SG’s best tenors.
5. Smooth Sailing – A different sound featuring McCray and a piano.
6. Face To Face With Grace – I’m not sure who is featured here. Sounds low to be Eric, but high to be David. Could it be Jerry Kelso? I don’t know who it is, but I like what I hear.
7. (What A Wonderful Peace) After The Storm – Medium tempo. I like the change to unison on a couple lines in the middle of the chorus.
8. You Would Think He Would Learn – A slow country song with McCray on the verses.
9. Give It To The Lord – This one should be a great feature for David Hester.
10. A Day In The Life – McCray shoves a lot of words in a humorous, but true verse about how busy people are. I am intrigued by this one and can’t wait to hear the full song.

This project seems to have the same sound as the group’s last two projects, and that isn’t a bad thing.    There are a several songs that I am very anxious to hear full cuts of (#2, 4, 6, 10).  Songs #4 and #10 could be great follow-ups to their #1 hit, “I Can Pray.”


  1. It will be hard to beat Never the Same, but I like what I hear so far.

  2. […] my thoughts on the songs. But yesterday, when I visited Coomer Cove, I saw that Brandon had the same idea I did. His mini-review is done well enough that it would be a little redundant for me to say essentially […]

  3. “Face To Face With Grace” features David Hester deliberately singing more like a baritone singer than a bass.

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