Posted by: coomercove | January 11, 2008


Apologies for being MIA for so long….

My grandmother is still in the hospital and is very sick.  The good news is that although she has started dialysis, she is not on a ventilator like the doctors predicted at first.  They waited as long as they could before starting it so she would be strong enough on her own.  Waiting so long did have the side effect of letting the toxins in her body build up to such a high level that her personality changed dramatically (not for the better) and her skin is “breaking down” (that is what the doctors/nurses call it).  With a few dialysis rounds under her belt, her personality has gone back to normal.  Her skin is still in very bad shape and we have yet to get an explanation as to why her kidneys stopped functioning all at once.  Please continue to pray for her and and my family.

My cold/sinuses/allergies/”crud” is much better.  Lisa got sick after me, but she is getting better.

On another note, something else unexpected has developed this year.  Lisa’s job is changing.  She has been offered a transfer (the best possible one that we could have hoped for), but she may look elsewhere.  We know that God has it all under control.  He will take care of us and lead Lisa where He wants her to be.  Still, my nature is too worry and think too much.  Lisa on the other hand, is excited and happy (with a touch of nervousness) about the new possibilities displayed before her.

To make this post southern gospel related, I thought I’d mention some songs that have encouraged, uplifted, comforted, and blessed me during the last week or so.

  • “Between Me And The Storm” – Gold City
  • “Under Control” – Gold City
  • “Across The River” – Triumphant Quartet
  • “God Wants To Hear You Sing” – Greater Vision
  • “He Loves Me” – Greater Vision (Quartets with Eric Bennett)
  • “He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me” – Crossway
  • “If You Took It All Away” – Crossway
  • “The Potter Knows The Clay” – The Perrys
  • “Holy Shore” – The Perrys


  1. May I add, “The Past Is A Promise”, by the Whisnants off their new project, “Promises” ? WHAT A SONG! I have heard people do this song before, but none like this. I can’t even imagine what happens when they do this song in concert!

  2. I haven’t heard that song. The Whisnants don’t interest me for some reason. They are not bad, but I’m not a big fan. I guess they just aren’t my cup of tea.

    (Lipton Diet Raspberry White Tea is my tea of choice. That is some good stuff)

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