Posted by: coomercove | January 29, 2008

Baseball: Johan to the Mets

Santana baseball card

Hey Atlanta Braves-fans, how does this mock baseball card look?

I know the trade isn’t official until a contract extension is signed (the 72 hour window is already counting down), but the Mets can’t get this close and then back down over a few million dollars.

The trade itself will send OF Carlos Gomez and pitchers Phil Humber, Deolis Guerra and Kevin Mulvey to the Twins for the best starting pitcher in the game, who also happens to be left-handed and a capable hitter. The Mets give up a lot of prospects, but it is more quantity than quality. The Mets get their ace and keep their #1 prospect, OF Fernando Martinez. Even though a few people will say that this trade is giving up the future for now, the fact is that #1 starters don’t hit the free agent market very often (Barry Zito was paid like a #1 last off-season, but he isn’t an ace, especially after a 11-13 record and 4.53 ERA) and the Mets HAVE to get an ace.


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