Posted by: coomercove | January 30, 2008

You Tube clips

After a baseball post last night (as a Met fan, I feel like Christmas is here again in January… I even changed my Firefox theme from a Bible theme to a Christmas one), I was going to get back into the swing of things by posting links to a few interesting You Tube clips. However, Kyle beat me to one of the clips, the Dove Awards performance of the Cathedrals with tenor Kurt Young. A Very Fine Line also has a some comments about the clip.

However, I will point out two others.

The first is the concept video the Singing Americans recorded for “Welcome To Heaven” shortly after Mike English left. I like Clayton Inman, but to be honest, his version is a letdown if you’ve heard English sing the song. Look for future Gold City members Mike Lefevre (then the Singing American’s bus driver) and Mark Fain (bass guitar) sitting down together on the train.

The second is a video of Gold City singing “In My Robe of White.” The interesting thing about this one is that it shows Bill Crittendon with the group.  Bill apparently joined as lead after baritone Ken Trussell left and before Ivan Parker joined.

You can go here to view Volscot’s You Tube page for the videos I mentioned and several others.


  1. that is acually Bill Crittenden singing lead with Gold City. He sang with them a short while before Ivan. He then went on to sing backup with Ronnie Milsap I beleive.

  2. Thank you for the info. I did not know that Gold City had a singer between Ken and Ivan. I like to think that I know EVERYTHING about Gold City, but occasionally, something like this comes up.

    I really should have noticed that the man in the video looks NOTHING like Ken. I will admit to being focused on Brian. He was so young then, and probably looked younger than his age.

    Thanks again and I hope you keep reading and commenting!

  3. Which singer is on the 1982 release that introduced “In My Robe Of White,” _Gold City Live_? Ken or Bill?

    There’s a high-res scan that Daniel has just added to, but I can’t tell…looks a lot like the guy in the clip, though.

    If it is Bill, he would have had to be there as early as 1982 when the LP was released…right?

  4. I’m 99.9% sure that Ken Trussell is on the 1982 Live project. The back of the record cover has better pictures that may be more telling. I’ll check when I get home.

    I’m listening to the double disk version of “Live” as I type this, but I think a lot of the talking was cut off of the CD. I’m hoping to, but don’t expect to hear group introductions. In fact, I’m not sure the actual record has individual member introductions on it.

  5. I checked the record cover and it is Ken Trussell on “Live.” There is a box listing the vocalists and Ken is on the list as baritone.

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