Posted by: coomercove | January 31, 2008

Dixie Echoes’ History: MIA?

In a comment to my previous post about Priority’s Wake Up Church project, reader Rob let me know that the tenor on the project is not Kurt Young, but someone who would go on to sing with the Dixie Echoes.  To find the man’s name, I went to the Dixie Echoes website because I thought they had an extensive group history and discography.  However, the history is gone.  Am I thinking of another group’s website or did they take the history down?


  1. By chance, I was looking at their site just last night. It was still there then.

    I think I see the problem, though. They don’t have it linked in the menu. You have to scroll down the main page to find the link near the bottom.

  2. Thanks, David!

    During the 90’s, the group had three tenors.

    – Doyle Harper, 85-91
    – Buddy Stokley, 91-96
    – Kevin Ivey, 96-01

    The Priority CD is from 1991, so Harper was already with the Dixie Echoes before this CD. I don’t see anyone on the CD that could possibly be Buddy Stokley, so I’m guessing the tenor is Kevin Ivey. I’m thinking it is him on the far left of the CD cover.

  3. DBM’s right–their history is still up.

    I have a DE CD with Kevin Ivey (“Reunion”)–after a quick listen to the two projects, I think it’s very possible / probable that Ivey’s the tenor on both projects.

  4. I’ve wondered about that history link also, becaue I’ve been there before and didn’t find a link on the main page.
    I also have that “Reunion” project, an yes, it looks like Kevin Ivey.
    Speaking of DE tenors,,
    1) Does anyone know what David Robinson is doing since he left the group?
    2) The name Broom rings a bell. Wasn’t there a John Broom with the Kingsmen in the 1970’s? Is he related to the former DE tenor Eddie Broom?

  5. Yes his name is Kevin Ivey..It came to me at work today..Glad to see you guys found it.

  6. David Robinson went to Culinary school for a while before joining the Toney Brothers. If he’s not still with them, he’s more or less dropped off the map.

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