Posted by: coomercove | February 6, 2008

Gold City Discography

Yesterday, Wes posted about three rare Gold City tracks he noticed on Irl Grundy’s discography. Several years ago, I started adding information and updating Irl’s list. It now includes releases up to the currently shelved Classics Volume 2 and several recordings from other artists that Gold City made guest appearances own.

A Gold City Discography, edited 2/06/08


I noticed a couple of formatting errors and at least one project omission. I corrected them, but lost DBM’s comment.  Sorry, David!



  1. After I complimented you for doing such a good job on the discography…

  2. Gold City also did a song with Squire Parsons back in 1991, I think, on a cd titled “One Voice”. They are on a song called “What A Great Homecoming” or something similar. I have the cd in storage and can dig it out if you want a copy. The Kingsmen of that time also do a song w/Squire titled “Testimony Meeting” which was later recorded on a live cd done in 1992 titled “Singing In The Sun” or something like that…

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