Posted by: coomercove | February 14, 2008

Sports Rant 2: Clemens/McNamee go to Washington

I wonder if the Feds will let Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens be cell mates?  If the Feds decide to go after Clemens, I actually think he could go down harder than Bonds.  Bonds says he never knowingly took steroids.  Clemens says he never took steroids.  I think it would be easier to prove that Clemens took them than it will be to prove that Bonds knew he was taking them.  Bonds’ people seem to be loyal.  Clemens’ people?  Not so much.

How can people think that Brian McNamee is telling the truth about Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettitte, and Roger Clemens’ wife, yet be making it up about Roger himself?  And Roger’s best buddy Andy Pettitte simply “misheard” him?  Clemens said that he never talked to Pettitte about steroids or HGH.  Yet, to explain Pettitte saying that Clemens admitted to using PED to him in 2000, Clemens said that Pettitte misunderstood and that Clemens was talking about his wife taking it.  Yet, Clemens said his wife didn’t take the stuff until years later.  I’m paraphrasing, but it boils down to Clemens saying “I never said it, but if I did, I meant my wife, who would be using them in the future.  That’s what I meant.  If I had said it.  And by the way, Pettitte wouldn’t lie about anything.”

I know people like Roger Clemens in real life.  They are so self-absorbed and lie so much that they believe their own lies.  That is probably how Clemens can so vehemently deny the accusations.  He’s probably convinced himself that he didn’t do it.

One final thing. I’m not into politics, but if I were, I’d have Republican leanings.  After the way some of the Republicans treated McNamee, I’m a little ashamed of those leanings.  I realize he’s done plenty of illegal things and lied about them while not under oath, but wow.  Rep. Dan Burton was one of the harshest on McNamee, saying

“You’re here to tell the truth, yet we have lie after lie. I know one thing I don’t believe — and that is you.”

From what I’ve heard on the radio and other things I’ve read, Burton should be taking the moral high ground with no one.

McNamee’s lawyer Richard Emery said the following about the Republicans’ treatment of his client,

“They disgraced their office; that was outrageous.  There is no excuse for them to behave that way in public. I don’t know whose water they’re carrying. But clearly, [Clemens’] lobbying paid off.”

I kind of agree with him.


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