Posted by: coomercove | February 15, 2008

Jason Crabb signs with Spring Hill

Just saw that Jason Crabb has signed a multi-CD recording deal with Spring Hill Music.  I thought Spring Hill was getting out of southern gospel (dropping the Booth Brothers, Jeff & Sheri Easter, & Karen Peck & New River).  Does this indicate a change in direction for Spring Hill or confirmation that Jason Crabb will not be a strictly southern gospel soloist?  I lean towards the second option.


  1. So, Barry Jennings is now in charge of Spring Hill. Guess that means that Phil Johnson is either in a much smaller role there or out altogether. I wonder if that also means that Gaither has pulled the label back under his wing???

  2. […] thoughts match Brandon Coomer’s on the Jason Crabb/Spring Hill […]

  3. Let me direct you to the web site of the people in charge of his schedule:

    “Jason is excited to step out into an evangelical ministry with his family. Jason plans to continue singing wherever God opens the door but also feels that God stirring his preaching ministry. Jason is known for giving everything he does 100% no matter how he feels or what is going on in his life. If his singing thus far is in any way indicative of what is to come, the Kingdom of God will never be the same!”

    Let’s dig a little deeper in the above mission statement where we read “but also feels that God stirring his preaching ministry.”

    Jason’s schedule look more like an evangelistic schedule with the Sunday morning and evening services.

    The question I ask is why do we have do put labels on everyone to fit our box?

    Being in God’s will is not a bad label, either.

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