Posted by: coomercove | February 20, 2008

Mercy’s Mark fire sale

I hate this…….

You can order three of Mercy’s Mark’s CDs for $5.00 a piece in their online store. The available projects are Southern Selections Vol.1, Southern Selections Vol. 2, and Something’s Happening.

On Mercy’s Mark‘s main web page, the group’s bus is for sale.

Mercy’s Mark’s Bus  Didn’t another group have this “Barney” bus before Mercy’s Mark?  The Greenes maybe?

Sad news from a group that had so much talent and potential.



  1. Wonder why they aren’t selling their self-titled release as well…

    I also wonder what became of Scott Allen, the lead singer they hired right after NQC, and only a short while before they called it quits….

  2. They may have already sold out of them since the cover artwork featured the original group. The two budget titles’ artwork was replaced with a logo.

    I haven’t heard anything about Scott Allen. He has a myspace though.

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