Posted by: lisa | February 26, 2008

Nick Trammell’s early wedding? So it seems

On The Perrys website, it says Nick is engaged and the wedding date is Dec 6, 2008.

nick’s ring This picture from The Perrys’ MySpace page clearly shows Nick wearing a wedding ring. Or is that an engagement ring? New trend if so. If not, it looks like young Trammell is a married man. Either way, congratulations to Nick and Jessica and we hope your marriage is blessed.


  1. i think it’s a promise ring. in other words, i think he wears it to say he’s taken. lol

  2. Note to self, don’t EVER let a photo of me wearing a ring leak to the internet…. 🙂

    If I remember correctly, Lauren Talley had similar questions floating around for a long time, and she finally just said, “I bought the ring for myself. I like it.”

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