Posted by: coomercove | February 28, 2008

Mark Trammell Trio’s new DVD

Live At the Temple

I just saw on the Mark Trammell Trio’s website that their new dvd, Live At The Temple, will be available this Saturday, March 1. The video was recorded at Christ Temple Church in Huntington, WV. This will be the group’s third video project, but the first to include Dustin Sweatman and Steve Hurst. I would think that it is safe to say that this project will feature songs from Journey Thus Far and Once Upon A Cross. My question is whether or not both songs named “Won’t It Be Wonderful There” are on the video. I know that the last two times I’ve seen the group, they performed both songs.


  1. Boy that would make for a confusing DVD track listing…I could see problems just getting the right one (with writer credits) on the label in the right sequence, much less trying to watch the right one!

  2. Their radio single and the hymn/classic, right?

  3. Yes, those are the songs with the same name.

    Also funny that the songs were both Track 2 on their respective projects.

  4. Does Steve not travel with them full-time? He wasn’t with them when I saw them in January.

  5. Steve travels with them when the schedule doesn’t conflict with his voice seminars and classes.

  6. Ah. I figured that would have something to do with it.

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