Posted by: coomercove | February 29, 2008

Daywind – Update your artists’ pages

I was looking around Daywind’s site today and clicked on Mark Trammell Trio’s section. What caught my attention was that they are still using the banner from the This Time project. There are a couple of reasons why that needs to change.

The first is that the picture and project it is taken from is old. The release date that Daywind gives for This Time is 8/16/05. That is two and half years old. The group’s newest project is a week shy of being a year old (based on Daywind’s release date). They’ve had over a year to update the picture with one taken from Once Upon A Cross. It doesn’t take that much time or effort to update a picture.

The second is that Joesph Smith left the group a couple of years ago and has been replaced with Dustin Sweatman. The group has also added Steve Hurst as their keyboard player and sometime fourth vocalist (yes, I know they are the MT Trio).

I looked around and a couple of other groups’ pages are out of date. Triumphant Quartet‘s banner is taken from the photo shoot from their self-titled project. Legacy Five‘s is from Live In Music City.

Daywind does have someone that updates these pages. The pages for Greater Vision, Brian Free & Assurance, and the Perrys have been updated with pictures from each groups’ newest project.

So, why do they update some artists, but not others? Are some artists not big enough sellers or important enough to warrant the few minutes it would take to update the images? By updating some, but not others, aren’t you running the risk of implying that some artists aren’t worth the time? If you imply that, aren’t you also implying that they aren’t worth listeners’ money as well?



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