Posted by: coomercove | March 1, 2008

Questions from Wilburn leaving Gold City

With Jonathan Wilburn’s departure from Gold City, I’m curious as the status of a few things, two of which revolve around Gold City’s 2008 Homecoming.

  1. The Gold City reunion of Jay, Jonathan, Mark, and Tim. Will Jonathan still be there? To me, the mini-reunion was THE reason to attend this year.
  2. Jonathan seemed to be the organizer of the Doug Riley Memorial Golf Scramble to help pay for the college education of Doug’s two boys. Who will take up that responsibility?
  3. Without Jonathan, who will make the “I’ll get another limited supply off the bus” joke during the product pitch? That and the pitch for the Man of Sorrows print. I think I’ve heard that for so long that I could give it.
  4. What about a new project?  Revival has been out a long time.  The tracks are finished for Classics v2 but the project was shelved as work began on the next New Haven project.  Will they keep on working on the new big budget project or go back and finish up Classics v2 as a way to work Bruce into the group with songs they are all familiar with?


  1. The answer that would make the most sense to #2 would be Danny Riley, considering he is Doug’s brother.

  2. Possibly, although following that train of thought, wouldn’t Danny have been doing it all along? Maybe Jonathan was doing it to relieve some of the pressures Danny has with all the other things he does for the group. Maybe one of the other golfers in the group will pick it up.

  3. That’s true too.

  4. […] Jonathan Wilburn left the group in February, one of the questions I raised was the status of the Doug Riley Memorial Golf Scramble that was scheduled during the group’s […]

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