Posted by: coomercove | March 2, 2008

Official pre-press release announcement of Wilburn’s departure

Below is the official announcement from SoGospelNews that Jonathan Wilburn has departed Gold City. Again, the joint press release should come out tomorrow.

“Longtime lead singer, Jonathan Wilburn, of Gold City has departed the group. According to Daniel Riley, “Jonathan has felt for a while that the Lord was leading him in another direction.” Riley said they were prepared for Jonathan’s departure and had someone ready to step in and fill the vacancy. Bruce Taliaferro is now the new lead singer.

Riley stated that the group will be issuing a formal press release next week with more information on Taliaferro. It is unclear at this time what Jonathan Wilburn’s future plans are.”



  1. Jonathon Wtlburn is the finest singer in gospel music, he cannot be replaced

  2. OK. I guess Gold City’s a trio now…. someone tell Bruce he’s no longer needed.

    (Just kidding…. I should get to see Bruce with Gold City for the first time next Thursday!!!! I can’t wait!)

  3. Jonathon has been my favorite singer since 1996. He cannot ever be replaced. It was sad to see him go and I was blessed to see him sing at The Gold City homecoming this year. Not only was he the best lead singer ever, he’s probably the best singing car salesman too!

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